Strategic Repositioning

How do you communicate ultra-luxury when the term has been so overused that it’s lost its luster? You …

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An Insider’s Perspective

We love clients who take us wherever they go. When they move to other companies, that is. Over …

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Pandemic Creativity

HDSF was intrigued by the METROPOLIS article, "How the Pandemic Jump-Started Creativity," by Amanda Schneider. The article addressed recent …

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100 Stockton Logo thumb

Union Square – Who Knew?

Who knew Union Square could look so architecturally hip — à la New York, London, and Tokyo? Extending …

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Downtown LA Transformed

Downtown LA is experiencing an utter transformation, from a virtual ghost town after 6pm to a vibrant center …

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Branding for Wellness

While there are many health-conscious people and professionals in the United States, the emphasis on building healthier homes …

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Tahoe Goes Alpine-Lux

It’s exciting when a strong brand like PlumpJack contacts us. Known for their high-end wines, restaurants and luxury …

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Mid-Market Revival

Mid-Market is now a definitive tech hub. Twitter started it, Uber confirmed it and Dolby cemented it. Big changes are …

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A Brand for the Future

HDSF developed a new brand for CITYZENITH, a hot new platform that utilizes real-time 5D visualization to help …

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Want to know more about us? While we all share a passion for strong brands, great design and …

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Branding in Beantown

HDSF was approached by the Swedish developer, SKANSKA to brand a hot new property in a hot new …

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HDSF Yeah!

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” Those words were spoken by the …

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HDSF Gets Ink

Maybe we didn’t get our picture on the cover of the Rollingstone, but being featured in the Fall …

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Inspiration Mornings

Once a month our team gathers to share new and inspiring TED Talks over a yummy breakfast. We …

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Client Portal Bliss

We love happy clients – particularly when the challenge is great. RMS engaged us to …

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Sue Hutner featured in Leverage Think Tank Conference

Yesterday Sue Hutner participated in the Leverage Think Tank Conference, addressing common branding pitfalls and best practices. The …

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We Love BikeShare

HDSF enthusiastically endorses the Bay Area BikeShare program. In fact, we even ride the bikes to meetings when …

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Branding a Transbay Tower

With the building of the Transbay Terminal, San Francisco will join other major international cities by creating a …

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Sue Hutner Speaks on BLC Panel

Last night Sue Hutner was a featured panelist at the Business Leadership Council event, 'Marketing 3.0: Branding for …

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Manila’s New Meridian

We're excited about creating the brand for MERIDIAN, a new 14-acre real estate development in Manila, Philippines. It's …

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meridian_hdsf_manila_design copy

Norway: New Data Center Hot Spot

Despite tough weather, HDSF flew a video crew to Norway to shoot footage for Norzetta, a large new data …

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Mozilla Recruitment Website Goes Live

Our most recent work with Mozilla focused on concepting and designing the Careers website and University recruitment website. …

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Brand Activation at Work

Zephyr Real Estate is a San Francisco staple in the residential real estate market. They were successful, however, …

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Mozilla Firefox OS Powers Up

The new Firefox Operating System changes everything. Partnering with phone carriers around the world, Mozilla has developed a …

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A Stake in the Ground

It’s not often that our new business pitches include table pounding. We sat across from the top …

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Luxury no more

Personally relevant information delivered in real-time. A luxury? Not any more. It’s become a necessity, or at least …

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Sustainable + Modular Schools

What makes more sense than sustainable, modular schools? Our visit to the Gen 7 factory was …

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Fairmont + iPad App

We love hearing cries for iPad apps from unexpected places. Fairmont inquired about the possibility of …

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A Strategic Approach

Adding a strategy component can alter a project’s outcome entirely. Fulcrum Property had an ambitious plan to redevelop …

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Proto Homes Technology

Control your new Proto Home from an iPhone, iPad or computer. We were intrigued by the idea …

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The Piers sought a new website to infuse fresh energy into the waterfront redevelopment. While the old website …

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Tibco Gets Personal

Ultimately, technology is all about people. As a leader in middleware software infrastructure, TIBCO recognized that in spite …

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Change is Good

Small changes are challenging; big changes are invigorating. Some of our clients are quite happy with their old …

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The Excitement of a Startup

Helping clients become profitable after six months brings smiles to everyone’s faces. When the founders of GoPhoto approached …

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Adjusting to the Market

Rolling with the times, we sway with our clients when the market changes. Real estate sector booming? We …

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Creating the Vision

One of the reasons we love our job is that clients rely on us to create …

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Future Perfect

We love sustainable projects, particularly when they are transit-oriented. It’s even better when they are mixed-use. People can …

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Digestible Tech Talk

How do you help techies communicate? Microsoft has some of the smartest technologists on the planet. They understand …

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