Norway: New Data Center Hot Spot

Despite tough weather, HDSF flew a video crew to Norway to shoot footage for Norzetta, a large new data center. Scandinavia is becoming a highly desirable location, with Google and Facebook already running significant data centers in the region. Norway’s widespread use of hydropower enables highly sustainable and low cost power solutions.

HDSF was engaged by Norzetta to develop the company name, logo, website and video for the new venture. Shooting video in the beautiful mountains of Norway sounded like a dream project. We wrote a script outline, recruited the interviewees, booked the flights…. and then the storms began. Not to be defeated by mother nature, our crew shot the interviews indoors and finished just in time to see the sun push aside the clouds, shooting the exquisite Norwegian mountainside location. The client breathed a sigh of relief and the crew finally got some sleep.