Union Square – Who Knew?

Who knew Union Square could look so architecturally hip — à la New York, London, and Tokyo? Extending nearly half a city block, 100 Stockton brings sleek iconic architecture to Union Square. As a San Francisco branding agency, HDSF is always excited to be selected for pivotal projects like 100 Stockton.



Although HDSF is a boutique agency, we are sought after for large real estate projects. We’ve spent many years creating processes that work well on projects with numerous stakeholders, spread across multiple companies. In this case, “the client” meant 12-14 people at 6 companies.

We’re known for our hands-on style. Clients like the fact that they’ll work directly with principals Sue Hutner and Justine Descollonges on every aspect of their project. When the client wanted to strategize how to address complex signage that wrapped around the building, Sue and Justine donned construction helmets and walked the site to figure out the best approach.


The hip Japanese-Peruvian restaurant, Chotto Matte will be one of the few open-air rooftop dining experiences in San Francisco. Their restaurants have already drawn huge crowds in London, Miami, Riyadh, Los Angeles, and Toronto. Be sure to visit when the rooftop opens!

HDSF coordinated two custom photo shoots — one to represent the mixed-use details of the project (retail, office, dining) — and one to represent the neighborhood.


Project Scope: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Messaging, Website, Signage, and Photography.

Visit the website: 100 STOCKTON