Branding for Wellness

While there are many health-conscious people and professionals in the United States, the emphasis on building healthier homes is fairly limited. Thus, HDSF was intrigued when we were contacted by NAVA in Denver, Colorado to work on an innovative project. LAKEHOUSE is one of the first residential projects in the world — and the first in Colorado — to pilot and pursue the WELL Building Standard. This certification is a holistic approach to wellness that addresses design and behavior to optimize residents’ health.

Our brand strategy focused on both the hard aspects of the project (physical) and the soft (mental). The project theme was, “A Conscious Life, Built from the Inside Out.” This concept elevated the overall product and provided a platform to address the seven elements of the WELL Building standard: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind. The project scope included Website, Advertising, Messaging, Photography, and Signage.





Our client was very pleased with the final product and the condominiums are selling well. Increasingly, clients contact us from all over the country and some internationally. The latter projects have included Norway, Philippines, Japan, and Poland.

Visit the website: LAKEHOUSE