A Stake in the Ground

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It’s not often that our new business pitches include table pounding. We sat across from the top executives of a successful firm with a 100-year track record and emphatically stated that a 2.0 economy demands hammering a bold stake in the ground. Status quo is not necessarily safe and past success is no guarantee of future returns. Thus began our courtship.

First, we developed strategic positioning that not only provided a basis for the overall brand messaging, but helped our client articulate their true differentiation. The positioning has brought consistency to their marketing and has become a key sales tool in their pitches.

Next, we redesigned the HDCCO website, with a focus on providing an intuitive user experience to navigate the numerous project categories and project details. The site included an interactive timeline, embedded videos for improved search engine optimization and a site-wide CMS. Our courtship has grown into a long-term relationship and we recently announced the birth of our new baby: