Change is Good


Small changes are challenging; big changes are invigorating. Some of our clients are quite happy with their old websites. Typically, there is one person in the organization who delicately points out that they need to revamp their website and a long debate ensues, followed by an even longer website development process. These are some of our most satisfying engagements, as the results are such a dramatic departure. This was the case with Shorenstein, and the client couldn’t be happier.
The revamped website showcases Shorenstein’s unique portfolio and is functional for multiple audiences. Investors, tenants, both current and prospective, property managers, and the public can find all they need in one robust website. Even better, we built a sitewide content management system to allow the client to update property information and leasing availabilities. The website has increased the client’s efficiency and continuity – a great reward for embracing change.