Adjusting to the Market


Rolling with the times, we sway with our clients when the market changes. Real estate sector booming? We help clients market luxury condominiums. Real estate sector slowing down? We help them switch the project to apartments. Once things begin to turn around, we can take the same product and alter the marketing plan to sell the property as condominiums again. Such was the case with Artani. From condominiums to apartments and back again, we worked with the client to shift the marketing thrust, while maintaining the original positioning.
Designed with the aesthetic of a boutique New York condominium, we positioned the project as the new urban ideal that has not been widely available to San Franciscans to date – luxury homes close to our cultural center. Blocks from the Opera, Symphony, Ballet, Museums. And of course, close to something near and dear to us – renowned restaurants. The paradigm for city living has shifted in San Francisco and The Artani was positioned to reflect that ideal. It’s about time. Visit: