Luxury no more


Personally relevant information delivered in real-time. A luxury? Not any more. It’s become a necessity, or at least a reasonable expectation. To fill this need amongst wine enthusiasts, HDSF developed a multi-platform application with desktop and mobile channels. The application enables users to create a virtual wine cellar, add photos/audio, browse the existing knowledge base, add to that base and follow others with similar tastes. Additionally, the application features a GPS component that alerts users to nearby distribution channels offering wines in which they’ve expressed interest.

The application functions as a virtual open-source wine community and a real-time relevance engine, enabling valuable cross-pollination amongst users. Innovation is about insights that drive new solutions. This application was fueled by two key insights. The first observation is that relevance is shaping human behavior, as users demand information that is personally relevant. The second insight is that cross-pollination fuels relevance, as humans provide subjective data to one another. The innovation is creating a new mix of objective and subjective information, provided in real time that allows a user experience that would not otherwise be possible. That’s certainly not a luxury.