Mid-Market Revival

Mid-Market is now a definitive tech hub. Twitter started it, Uber confirmed it and Dolby cemented it. Big changes are coming to the area. Once the new residential and retail projects are completed, people will have trouble recalling the old streetscape.   

STAGE 1075 is one of the new developments. This hip boutique condominium building sports original artwork on its facade and historic remnants of a bygone era inside. The name STAGE 1075 references its current location in the Theater District and harkens back to 1912,  when “Grauman’s Imperial Theater” occupied the site, featuring popular Vaudeville Acts.

Our Brand Strategy focused on the energy, abundance and convenience of the neighborhood. That theme was announced with the opening phrase, “Arts-Centric, Eat-Centric, Walk-Centric, Bike-Centric.” The target audience is invited to explore further with an invitation… “For those with the heart of a pioneer and the soul of an urbanist.” 

We art-directed a custom photo shoot to capture the neighborhood’s unique restaurants, clubs, theater and shops. New concepts are opening all the time and the energy is palpable. This is clearly an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. 

Project Scope: Brand Strategy, Naming, Identity, Website, Advertising, Signage, Stationery.

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