Sue Hutner featured in Leverage Think Tank Conference


Yesterday Sue Hutner participated in the Leverage Think Tank Conference, addressing common branding pitfalls and best practices. The event was entitled BRAND-AID: Taking care of Your Company’s Brand, Today and Tomorrow.

Sue discussed the growing complexity of branding, due to the emergence of new media channels, a more crowded competitive landscape and ever-present peer-to-peer commentary. “The increased complexities of branding demand that clients view their brand in new ways and direct their marketing efforts in many directions simultaneously,” explained Sue. “Many people think the rules for marketing products don’t apply to services. Not true, the same rules apply to our service clients; many of them just don’t know it yet. They must be just as diligent about their brand from the inside out – both their public-facing image and their internal dynamics.”

Additional topics included cultural shifts, growing trends, future planning and the beauty of simplicity. Her vision for the next trend? “Small is the new Big.”