Strategic Repositioning

How do you communicate ultra-luxury when the term has been so overused that it’s lost its luster? You create a strategy that focuses on key differentiators rather than the product. HDSF developed a visual and verbal language that positioned Ohana Realty’s ultra-luxury real estate brokerage as a finely honed craft, blending science and art.


Interestingly, branding is similar — we create a strong product by blending science and art (hard skills and soft skills). Most clients imagine our time is spent designing and programming. By the end of the project, they realize it’s a highly choreographed dance… as much about the relationship and the minutia as it is about branding. Even the savviest and toughest clients seem surprised to see what’s involved, ultimately offering wide-eyed kudos and gratitude. When clients are happy, we’re happy!

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